Decorative Products


Preparation Paints

Acrylic Sealer Undercoat
Interior Sealer, for Plasterboard (Gib) & Timber. Fast dry & easy sanding with excellent adhesion & coverage.

Acrylic Primer Undercoat
Interior/Exterior Primer, for Fibre-cement, Timber & Masonry. Fast dry & easy sanding with excellent adhesion & penetration.

An interior surfacer for level 5 paint finishes. Save time on skim coating and apply a smooth coat of acrylic preparation paint that has excellent hold-out.

Alkyd Primer Undercoat
High Quality oil based primer that primes & undercoats most surfaces. The penetrating and sealing properties and excellent adhesion provide an excellent base for your topcoat.

Alkyd Pigmented Sealer
Oil based sealer for Gib, Cement, Timber & Plaster surfaces. Helps protect the surface from attack and provides an excellent surface for your topcoat. Ideal for sealing aged or porous surfaces.

All 'n One Primer
A true all purpose product, for interior & exterior use. With outstanding hiding, filling & sanding properties. Formulated as a smooth surface sealer, All 'n One requires minimal preparation and can be used on most surfaces. Can be top coated with both water based and solvent based paints.

Finishing Paints

Interior Exterior Low Sheen Acrylic 
& Interior Exterior Semi Gloss Acrylic
A premium Interior / Exterior acrylic formulated to give a durable, washable finish inside & out. Available in Low Sheen & Semi Gloss.

Ultra Low Sheen Acrylic
An extremely versatile interior acrylic with a subtle, near flat finish.Ideal for walls & ceilings in living areas.

Exterior 'Direct To Substrate' Premium Acrylic
This is our flagship product. It has exceptional flow and unique hardness.
Providing a smooth resilient finish without the need for primers or undercoats.
Long-term protection for commercial, residential & coastal environments.

Acrylic Ceiling Flat
This flat finish is recommended for use on ceilings in all living areas. Providing excellent coverage with a uniform finish for superior results.
The low splatter formulation means less paint on your face and more on the ceiling.

Aquanamel Low Sheen, Semi Gloss & Gloss 
A very hard and fast drying, water based acrylic with excellent blocking properties. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, commercial areas, windows & door joinery.

High Gloss/Semi Gloss/Flat Alkyd Enamel
This Professional Oil based Enamel is very hardwearing and has exceptional leveling & flow for a smooth finish and great results.
It has excellent protection against steam, moisture and dust.


Fencecare Acrylic Fence Paint

Premium, self-priming acrylic finish. Easy to apply.
Ideal for fences and trellis.


Premium self-priming 100% acrylic. Smooth, hardwearing finish.

Suitable for weatherboards & decking.



Premium interior polyurethane. A hardwearing, clear finish that enhances the natural colour of timber.

Transocean Exterior Varnish

Premium exterior varnish. Extremely durable clear wood finish that contains UV absorbers for durability and resistance to weathering. Ideal for timber conservatories, doors and outdoor furniture.